Bill Gates Disparages Criticism He Received From Steve Jobs In His Biography

Those of us who have had the opportunity to even a few small excerpts from Steve Jobs’ biography know that the opinion of the former CEO of Apple was not the best towards his eternal rival, Bill Gates . In this regard, and an express question on the part of a television network in the United States, Gates has responded that he does not feel bothered by the appreciations of who, for several years he considered a friend . In the book, you can also read that Gates considers Jobs as a ” human being with profound defects “, while Jobs said that Gates was ” basically without imagination and a person who never invented anything and who took advantage of the ideas of the others “.

In an interview with the American television network ABC, he assured not to be upset by the negative statements towards him made by Jobs in the book. In addition to admitting that Steve Jobs always said lots of good things about him, as well as many other very negative and harsh . He took the opportunity to point out that they had the opportunity to work together and that while they did, they were able to stimulate each other’s work, even as competitors, so ” none of that bothers me .”

In addition to the above, he assured that it is understandable that Steve Jobs always felt like the good boy in the story, while Microsoft was the bad boy . Mainly, because its products have always been very expensive, which worried Apple for a long time, since it was doubted that these would withstand the onslaught of the technology market due to their high price. ” The fact that we began to be successful with large volumes of products, including competitive prices and working with several companies, has to be difficult, ” Gates said.